Gift From The Heart


Dental Hygienists Offering a Day of No-Cost Service Erin Rickman Travelling Teeth in Port Colborne



On Saturday April 08, 2018  Registered Dental Hygienists all across Canada will open their hearts and clinics to provide oral health care to the public who may be financially unable to receive dental hygiene care or who have difficulty accessing dental hygiene treatment; at no cost.



For the 10th consecutive year registered dental hygienists all across Canada will be giving a different type of GIFT this year.  The Gift from the Heart event is unique, as it allows the profession of “dental hygiene” to come together from every corner of our country in unity to work towards one common goal. Registered dental hygienists across Canada are opening their doors and their hearts to provide no-cost preventive dental hygiene services as part of a national campaign.  This will be Travelling Teeth’s 3rd year participating in Gift from the Heart.”



Prior to September 2007, registered dental hygienists were most often employed by dentists in private dental offices.  However, a growing number of registered dental hygienists are choosing careers in independent dental hygiene practices including mobile services for long-term care homes.  More than 3000 registered dental hygienists have received authorization to self-initiate their controlled act of “scaling teeth and root planning, including curetting surrounding tissue,” (Dental Hygiene Act 1991).  These changes to the Dental Hygiene Act have increased the public’s access to affordable preventive oral care services by the practitioner of their choice.



Last year, dental hygienists across Canada saw over 800 clients during the one-day event. In the past eight years it is estimated that dental hygienists across Canada have provided over ½ million dollars’ worth of dental hygiene services during the “Gift from the Heart” events.



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