Services and Fees

Every Dental Hygiene visit includes a FREE Dental Hygiene Assessment.  Removal of Plaque, tartar and stain (scaling and polishing). Fluoride treatment or chemotherapeutic irrigation and oral hygiene instructions.


If you have dental Insurance we still provide a FREE ASSESSMENT to determine your Degree of Difficulty, a “DD level.” dental codes will be sent as timed units following the ODHA fee guide, which follow along with your DD Level.  Codes will be sent electronically or manually to your insurance company for the services provided.


If you do not have dental insurance we will provide a FREE ASSESSMENT to determine your Degree of Difficulty, a “DD level.” Once we know your DD level we will know how much a visit will cost.


Degree of Difficulty Classifications are determined by your oral health and home care, they can change from visit to visit depending on your home care routine and frequency of maintenance (cleanings).


To assess your Degree of Difficulty “DD level” a comprehensive exam will be completed assessing:


  • Stain
  • Plaque
  • Tartar “Calculus”
  • Gingivitis “bleeding of the gums”
  • Periodontal Pocket Depth  “bone loss”


MODIFYING FACTORS: Medical history/medications, orthodontics, number of teeth, excessive stain, home-care

Service Price
Under 8 years of age $30-$40
Under 14 years of age $40-$70
DD Level 1  Pocket depths 1-3 mm     slight (bleed/calculus/stain) $70-$90
DD Level 2  Pocket depths 1-4 mm     moderate (bleed/calculus/stain) $90-$110
DD Level 3  Pocket depths 4-6 mm     mod -heavy (bleed/calculus /stain) $110-$130
DD Level 4  Pocket depths 6+ mm      slight – mod (bleed/calculus/stain) $130-$150
DD Level 5  Pocket depths 6+ mm      mod – heavy (bleed/calculus/stain) $150-$170
Custom Whitening $150
Custom Sports Guard $45
Sealants (per tooth) $20



My philosophy is the more work you do at home the less we have to do in the dental chair.  By using the DD levels it encourages a healthy smile and a happier wallet.