What To Expect

What to expect at your first dental hygiene visit!



Your first visit is approximately 1.5 hours, together we will develop a personalized dental hygiene care plan specific for you.


We will:


– Review a comprehensive Medical and Dental history; including current medications and blood pressure.


– A full head and neck exam and oral cancer screening.


– Assess the condition of your teeth and gums, and discuss your oral health with you.


– Provide a dental hygiene treatment plan that is specialized for your oral ┬áhealth needs.


– Explain how dental hygiene care can help you maintain a healthy mouth and body.


– Obtain your permission to provide treatment.


– Provide dental hygiene therapies that are safe and effective and have current evidence -based research to support their use; this may include the scaling of teeth and the removal of stains.


– Apply fluoride or chemotherapeutic treatments; client specific.


– Assist you in ways to maintain your oral health at home and in between dental hygiene visits,


– Practice standard infection control including the wearing of gloves, mask, and eye protection, and the use of sterile instruments.