Why Choose Us

No anxiety, No drills, No needles.  Many people have anxiety related to dentistry and avoid going to a dental office.  We are not a traditional office, we are here to try and prevent you from having to go to the traditional dental office except for check up and x-rays.  The practice is designed to be relaxing and welcoming, some where you can come on a regular basis to maintain a healthy smile.  With bi-annual or quarterly- annul visits with your registered dental hygienist we can prevent cavities and gum disease and cut down your time in the dentist chair.


Lower fees. We follow the ODHA fee guide which is 10%-30% lower than the Canadian Dental Association fee guide.  For those who have dental insurance, we do accept most insurance policies and can submit claims electronically or manually on your behalf.


If you do not have dental insurance we will provide a FREE assessment to determine your Degree of Difficulty, a “DD level.” Once we know your DD level we will know how much a visit will cost.  For information on DD levels click here.


Exceptional customer service and experience. No waiting weeks to make a cleaning appointment. We book adequate time for each client so we are not rushing through your appointment and we are on time.


Convenient flexible hours. We offer evening and weekend appointments. If you don’t see a time that will work for you call us we will make one.


Personalized treatment plans and home care plan for each client.